Oven Spare Parts

Master Appliances are Australia’s leading suppliers of appliance spares and appliance parts and and stock a wide range of genuine and non-genuine oven spare parts for both service technicians and DIY repairs. We have been providing the appliance industry with spares and appliance parts for over 25 years.

The friendly team at Master Appliances specialise in appliance service and repair as their primary role and operate a fleet of service technicians that can come to you, anywhere in the greater Sydney region. We also sell a large range of oven spare parts at our warehouse in Hornsby.

We stock oven spare parts for leading brands such as Chef, Westinghouse, Emilia, Whirlpool, Euromaid and Omega and provide both warranty and non warranty oven repairs and service. There are common problems with ovens that can be repaired by simply replacing worn or damaged oven parts.

Some of these oven spare parts include:

  • Hinge door
  • Fan forced oven element
  • Bottom element

Before replacing oven spare parts, make sure the oven is unplugged or turn off the electric power to the unit or if is an electric oven. For a gas oven, close the gas valve and shut down the unit’s gas supply. Only take on the simplest repairs, for all other repairs and services call Master Appliances or book your service online.

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At Master Appliance Service we know how important properly working home appliances are to the smooth running of a busy family. From booking your service to having your appliance working properly again, we will ensure a friendly, efficient and knowledgeable service.

Master Appliances Service makes over 10,000 service calls per year Sydney-wide & Central Coast with our own qualified technicians. We are NOT an internet marketing company that outsources to third party operators.