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New Steam Oven Series by Miele

Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2020

German-based company Miele stands at the forefront of the appliance industry and there’s little doubt that they’re set to stay there. Miele is world renowned for their quality products, outstanding technological advancements and world first appliance longevity ratings.

The newest offering from Miele is a revolutionary range of steam ovens, which are set to take the industry by storm.

Cooking With Steam

One of the trade secrets of professional chefs, cooking with steam allows food to cook food faster, and retain more of its flavour, colour and texture. Steam ovens are easier to clean, and more healthful since you don’t need to use fats or oils to keep foods from drying out during the cooking process. 

Why Choose Miele?

So what can Miele bring to the table? Well for one, their excellent longevity rating means you’ll have an appliance that outlasts its competitors. According to Miele, their appliances last, on average, 6 years longer that their competitors products - which is a win for you and for the environment. 

Their steam ovens also offer Exclusive-to-Miele Multisteam Technology which reduces dry-heat in your cooking chamber, generates and distributes steam faster than the competition, and offers  uniform cooking results time and time again. 

Miele Servicing

The Miele brand has always held a premium position among appliance manufacturers, and with the addition of revolutionary products like the new steam oven series, it’s easy to see why.

To make the most of your Miele steam oven, contact the team at Master Appliances to book a service today. Our fully qualified technicians are Miele trained and accredited and will keep your appliances in premium condition so they can continue to serve your family for years to come. 


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