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Why you need a Miele washer dryer combo

Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

For over 100 years Miele has been a family-owned and independent company with an outstanding commitment to quality, customer support and the environment. Sustainability in particular is firmly entrenched as a cornerstone philosophy for the brand and you can see that in many of the design choices they make.

One of the most popular products in the Miele lineup is their combination washer and dryer, which is uniquely designed to reduce water content in your laundry and save electricity during drying. The current Miele washer dryer model is WT2780WPMAUS. It has a 5.5 kg load capacity, with a 4 star energy rating on both the washing and drying cycles and a 4 star WELS water rating.

But Miele aren’t just about sustainability, they are also about quality. Miele carry out extensive endurance tests on their appliances with machines passing a total 19,000 hours of testing - that’s the equivalent of 20 years of home use. Miele is also the only domestic appliance manufacturer that applies enamel to the front panel of their machines. The enamel is scratch proof, colour-fast, easy to clean and alkaline resistant.

The Miele washer dryer has a host of impressive features including:

Miele’s unique patented honeycomb drum which ensures your clothing is spun more gently and dried more evenly. It hosts 18 different washing and drying settings to protect and clean different textile types and keep your clothes looking great. Settings include a shirts setting for reduced creasing, a denim setting to protect against bleach stripes, even a reproofing option to clean and protect water resistant items.

Miele appliance maintenance

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