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Survive the Winter Months with a Modern Clothes Dryer - Heat Pump Dryers & Condenser Dryers

Posted: Monday, June 20, 2016

Clothes dryers are notorious for being tough on the environment (and your wallet!) but for most of us a dryer is a household necessity during winter. Thankfully, in recent years the tumble dryer has undergone quite a transformation, and modern dryer technology has made uneconomical and environmentally unsound dryers a thing of the past.


Some brands like Miele, Beko and Bosch are using this technology amazingly well. These brands have been responsible not only for creating dryers with superior drying features that don’t hike up your energy bill, but are also shattering expectations about energy efficiency by achieving 6 star energy efficiency ratings - something previously unheard of with these types of appliances. In fact, some models like the Bosch Ecologixx are so energy efficient that an efficiency category doesn’t even exist for them yet.
Heat Pump Dryers
While older style dryers continually release hot, moist air into your laundry a heat pump dryer will recycle that heated air, reducing the need to create more heat - which is why they use less than half the energy of a traditional dryer. A heat pump dryer will also remove the need for venting in your laundry.
Condenser Dryers
Instead of blowing hot air onto your clothes like a traditional dryer, a condenser dryer will extract the moisture from your clothes and drain it away as condensed water. Ideally you should install your condenser dryer with a drainage tube to automatically drain the water, but some models feature a water storage container that can be manually emptied.
Servicing Your Dryer
No matter the type of dryer you choose, you’ll need to have it serviced regularly to keep it performing at its best. Our mobile fleet services the entire Sydney and Central Coast area. Call us now on (02) 8445 4040 or click here to book your service online.



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