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Oven Rundown - What’s Hot this Winter?

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2016

From Winter soups to the traditional Sunday roast, the Winter weather brings out our craving for comfort food, and for great comfort food you need an oven that performs well, heats consistently, and is big enough to feed the whole family.

These days the big brands understand that different households have different priorities for their kitchens, and you can see that in the range of options on offer. Smeg, for example, have a great modular ‘built in’ range of kitchen appliances that allow you to mix and match exactly to your specifications. While ILVE offers some truly unique add-ons for the creative home chef - like a revolutionary home teppanyaki cooking plate.

Top Pick – The Combi Steam Oven

Combi-steam ovens have traditionally been found in commercial kitchens but over the years their consistency have made them a popular choice for passionate home cooks. Combi ovens use a combination of hot air and steam to create a more stable cooking environment. Best of all, the use of steam allows you to cook your food without drying it out. Our favourites are the Meile DGC6805 and the Smeg SCA45VC2 and SA45VCX2.

Second Place – Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Oven

Introducing the oven made for people who hate to clean! During the cleaning process your oven door will lock and the chamber will heat up to 480°C, effectively turning any food residue to ash inside the oven so all you have to do is wipe it clean with a damp cloth - no scrubbing required. Check out Bosch HBA63B250A & HBA63S451A for good examples of this technology.

Servicing Your Oven

No matter which oven you choose, you’ll need regular servicing to keep it performing at its best. Contact the team at Master Appliances today to get your oven serviced.


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