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Miele’s commitment to laundry, the environment and household budgets

Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2018

Miele’s newest addition to their heat pump dryer range (TCE630WP), is not only their most inexpensive model yet, but shows the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. The Miele TCE630WP boasts a 10 star energy rating which benefits the environment - and your wallet.

The newest heat pump dryer model has an 8 kilogram capacity and when used 5 days per week, the cost of operation over an entire year is just $135. When compared to their 2 star condenser dryer (TDA150C) that’s a saving of nearly $100 per annum.

The big driver in energy efficiency in this newest model is the Miele EcoDry technology which delivers both low energy consumption and short drying times. Working in conjunction with Miele’s powerful and economical ProfiEco motor, this is Miele’s most advanced heat pump dryer yet.

The TCE630WP has a honeycomb drum which allows laundry to be dried more evenly, and when combined with the machine’s pre-iron feature, reduces creasing and minimises ironing time. With 12 drying programmes Miele has created a machine designed to cater to the unique needs of different households. Mineral sensors calculate residual moisture in the machine to prevent your garments being over or under dried - which will ensure the perfect dry-time and prolong the life of your clothing.

Just like Miele’s earlier models (TKG852WP and TDA150C), the TCE630WP features FragranceDos technology which evenly distributes a gentle fragrance onto your laundry during drying to give your items a fresh scent which will last up to four weeks. The model also features delay start so that laundry can be planned to fit the household schedule, and a countdown timer so you can see how long until the cycle is complete.

The Miele brand is synonymous with quality and longevity, but to get the most of your Miele machine, it should be serviced regularly. Service your Miele Appliance today.


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