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Fisher & Paykel Leading the Way in Appliance Innovation

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2019

Since the early 1980’s Fisher & Paykel have been leading the way in innovative real-world solutions for Australian families. Continuous innovation is Fisher & Paykel’s goal, and the company achieves that by committing to an ongoing collaboration between its design engineers and the customers who use their products in their everyday lives, and what they’ve come up with as a result of that collaboration makes life easier for us all.


Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive™ direct drive washing machine motor was one of their first big innovations. The direct drive motor uses electronic feedback from within the motor itself to adjust the wash action of the machine so that your clothes are washed more gently, and last longer.


Debuting over 20 years ago, the revolutionary DishDrawer™ has transformed the way modern dishwashers work. But it didn’t stop there, the company is consistently updating and refining the DishDrawer™ to ensure that you have the most quiet and efficient wash possible.


Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveSmart™ was a world first in refrigeration technology. ActiveSmart™ continuously monitors and adjusts the flow of cold air inside your refrigerator to ensure it maintains optimum temperatures no matter the climate - or how many times you open the door!


Building on the technology of the DishDrawer™ and ActiveSmart™, Fisher & Paykel engineers developed the CoolDrawer™. A multi-layered, multi-temperature drawer based fridge that allows you to set five different temperature zones for optimum food freshness.

AeroTech & ActiveVent™

The AeroTech™ system in Fisher & Paykel ovens allows you to remove or retain moisture while cooking to provide the ideal baking or roasting environment, while ActiveVent™ gives you more even heat circulation - especially when you’re cooking on multiple shelves at once.

Great Design Needs Reliable Servicing

Even the most elegantly designed household appliances still need regular servicing to ensure they run at their best. Click here to book in your Fisher & Paykel appliances for a service today.


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