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Beat the Cold with a Bosch Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bosch Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

Unlike a traditional condenser dryer, which blows hot air into your dryer as it rotates and then discards the hot air, a heat pump dryer recycles the same heat over and over, making it significantly more energy efficient, and significantly less costly to run. 

The Bosch Ecologixx 7

Bosch’s most recent addition to their fleet of heat pump condenser dryers is the EcoLogixx 7, which currently holds the auspicious title of Australia’s most energy-efficient dryer. 

In fact, according to Bosch, the Ecologixx is so energy efficient that an efficiency category doesn’t even exist for it. The dryer clocks in at 16.3% more energy efficient than what is required to get a top star energy rating here in Australia, so if energy efficiency is your priority, a Bosch heat pump condenser dryer is for you.

Bosch Dryer Service

Need help with your dryer? Get your appliances serviced by the experts at Master Appliances to significantly extend the life of your appliance.

Master Appliances has over 25 years experience in the appliance repair industry, servicing Sydney and the central coast. Our fleet of mobile service vans allow us to come straight to you and complete the repairs onsite. Contact us if you require Bosch repair and service to extend the life of your Bosch appliance.

The people at Bosch have always been trail-blazers. Since 1886, when the company was one of the pioneers of the industrial revolution, Bosch has been ahead of the competition - so it’s easy to see why they are not only leading the European household appliance market - but bringing premium-quality products to the world.

Bosch has an active market presence across the globe, and they play a significant role in the Australian appliance market as well. With their technologically advanced products, Bosch consistently live up to the company philosophy to: “harness progress to create a better quality of life” and not just by creating better quality of life for consumers, but by focusing on environmental sustainability too.


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