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ASKO Ovens

Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017

The ASKO brand was born in 1950 when a young Swedish farmer set out to create a more efficient washing machine for his discerning mother. Today, ASKO is a worldwide brand with a reputation for premium performance and timeless Scandinavian design. ASKO have a comprehensive range of household appliances, including an impressive collection of ovens for the home cook.

With a Scandinavian approach to design, all ASKO ovens are designed to create the most effective interior cavity possible, the ASKO oven interiors were inspired by the design of wood-fired ovens and the unique shape creates uniform heat circulation so you get a perfect meal every single time. If you want an even more streamlined kitchen you can ditch the microwave and use an ASKO combination microwave and oven (OCM8487A, OCM8478G) perfect for kitchens that are tight on space.

ASKO ovens aren’t just focussed on saving space, they also strive to be more time efficient, with rapid pre-heating options to get you cooking even sooner. Their range of pyrolytic ovens (OP8678G, OP8478G) save you time too, by removing the need for high impact cleaning. Simply set the oven to clean and it will use staggeringly high heat (around 500°C) to remove any debris from the interior cavity. Once the clean cycle is complete simply remove the ash with a damp cloth and you’re set.

Regular servicing will extend the life of your household appliances. To keep your ASKO oven performing at it’s peak for many years to come, fill out our online booking request and one of our mobile servicing fleet will come to you.


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